Empowering indie artists and labels

Specializing in music publishing and related activities, AnyGaming is helping many small and medium sized indie artists and record labels get their music heard and copyright enforced. With ArtistID AnyGaming is also changing how artist identity is verified online and at events.

AnyGaming's mission is to give indie artists and labels access to tools normally only available to major record labels. Generally we're trying to make artists' and indie label's lives easier. Please find some of the services we offer for this below.

To make our mission come to life we've partnered with companies such as Spotify, Deezer, SoundCloud, YouTube and many more.


with ArtistID - the first ID card for artists - we're innovating the way artist identity is verified online, in apps and at events. It allows authentication with just the tap of a credit card sized card.

Music Distribution

thanks to our partnerships with many of the major online stores and streaming sites we're able to brind our artists' and labels' music into virtually all sites and stores.

Copyright Enforcement

using our services indie labels and artists can indirectly access all the copyright enforcement tools - both automated and manual ones - usually only available to major labels.

Music Pitching

our partnerships with stores and streaming sites don't only allow us to get our music out there but also to pitch their music for being featured on store owned social media and playlists.


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